Part VIII: Mysterious, Climb and Gigantic











Part VIII: Mysterious, Climb and Gigantic

Kevorach light a cigarette from the flame he formed above his extended index and middle fingers on his right hand.

The black tattoos that trailed along the length of his arms glowed blue as he did so, then the glow died as he extinguished the flame.

He was wearing a blue suit, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His white shirt had the first two buttons undone and he had no tie. The blue of his suit was brighter than most men wore, but he was considered flashy, so it worked.

The rain fell gently as he stood under the awning of the bar. It wouldn’t open for another two hours, but this was his usual meet up spot.

A car pulled up and Kevorach got in.

“Boss wants to see us. You up for this Kevoran?”

“Have I let you down before now?”

“Good man. We gonna put the hurt on some fools!”

Kevorach wasn’t worried. This operation was finally coming to a close and they could catch these bastards for everything. They loved pimping out young elf girls, getting them hooked on a concoction of illicit drugs and then keeping them smacked up so they didn’t fight. They made him sick.

The Ogre, whose name was Xurok, was part of a street gang known as the Black Soul Sons. They dealt with everything from girls to drugs, to weapons. No one knew who the boss was, but the Vice Action Unit were convinced that the boss was connected to the Black Iron Syndicate. The BIS was one of the worst organized crime syndicates and were literally an international player. If they could nail the Black Soul Sons, nail the boss and connect him to the Black Iron Syndicate, then the PD could start to get rid of them from their city.

They drove out of the city and soon they were on an old farm. As they approached the farm up the long driveway Kevorach could see a man on a tractor. No, not a man. The face was all shadow and blackness despite the sun being high in the sky and he had, very clearly, very large claws.  His hat and clothes weren’t suited to a farmer either, more like an old Noir detective.

Kevorach could feel the power rolling from this entity, even from this far away. Could he possibly know that Kevorac wasn’t Kevoran and was actually an Undercover Vice Cop? If he was outed as a Sentinel, he’d be dead by the days’ end. Hell, probably by the end of the hour.

Kevorach could also see Orcs, Goblins and a few Trolls standing around outside, all heavily armed.

They got out of the car and walked towards the shadow man. Kevorach wasn’t sure what he was, but he was very sure he didn’t want to get into a showdown and start slinging spells.

“So this is Kevoran?” The voice sounded like it echoed from somewhere deep, but had a hiss like a snake or lizard. “You’ve taken care of many problems for us, and for that, I am grateful.”

“Anyway, I can serve. You guys have been paying really well. I don’t mind the work.”

“Good.” he turned and walked into the barn, Kevorach and Xurok followed him in. Inside the barn was something of a shock. It looked like a fancy club. The shadow man sat as two elf girls cuddled up to him on a black leather couch.

“You don’t need my name, or who I work for or with. All you need to know is I trust you now. You and Xurok are going to be doing something very important for me. There is a woman, her name is Lyse. I need her gone. My bosses are adamant. If you fail, I’ll string you up and keep you alive forever while I let various people and things do as they please with you. Understand?”

Kevorach nodded. He played it cool for the moment, but he knew, for a fact, he’d just been ordered you hunt down his sister and kill her. What did she have to do with any of this?

As they left, three black goats were on and around their car. Their eyes glowed red. Kevorach didn’t mention it, he needed to get back to the city and get in touch with his squad.

As day slipped into night, the shadow man climbed aboard the tractor after unhooking the trailer. He drove it to his farthest field and stopped it. He walked towards the wood line and as he did, he transformed into a dragon whose black scales shone under the moonlight. Tabitha came from the trees and stood before him.

“You’ve done well Ietir. Our Master is please.”




It’s rare to find a tv show that invokes the feeling that The X-Files did when I watched it as a kid.

Travelers does exactly that. 

The first season was mind blowing. The concept, though not totally original, was made fresh by the unique way time travel is portrayed.

The story: people who are supposed to die in our time, are saved by sending the minds of people back in time to inhabit those bodies. They then carry out missions given to them by the future.

If you haven’t given the show a chance, I highly recommend it. 

Seasons One and Two are on Netflix now.


I, invariably, have been swallowed by my life.

I hold so many interests and things I want to do, I simply don’t have enough time in the day.

Between TV shows and Movies, writing, role-playing, collecting, my job. It’s no wonder people get burned out.

I think I’m gonna need to start to streamline some stuff.

PART VII: Trail and Cloud

PART VII: Trail and Cloud



Lyse stood in the middle of the stone labyrinth. It was just concentric circles of stones with paths laid off in it into a maze, but it had been named the labyrinth by the Disciples of the Way. The Disciples of the Way were once a small cult who grew into a major Order.

The Way was to follow the light. Their origins began with worshiping Maykapal, but they split away, later on, to simply do good and serve others. The wrote the Book of Servants to outline exactly how they were meant to follow the Way. They grew into large Order when many people started turning from various faiths, disheartened by the lack of true leadership and the ever-present power hungry corrupt.

Lyse always felt peaceful here. It was in a very large clearing surrounded by large Balsam Firs. The Disciples of the way came daily to tend to the labyrinth, but mostly, it was left alone and so were those who visited.

The air was slightly chilled as Lyse stuck her hands in the front pockets of her hoodie. She wandered through the paths of the labyrinth and focused on the stones, the patterns, the walking.

She wasn’t crying as much anymore, and that was a good thing. She was headed back to work tomorrow after taking two weeks off for herself and to mourn.

She was very much ready to be back to a normal routine. Her mind distracted, she started thinking about why she was drawn here. She didn’t serve or follow the Way. This place was sacred to them, but they turned no one away.

It occurred to her that she didn’t really follow any religions, and that was odd, honestly. She was the granddaughter of Death or former Death. Shouldn’t she worship and follow the tenets of the various Orders dedicated to her grandfather?

She stopped walking and looked up, and not far away was a huge fir tree filled with ravens. She’d been on the outer edge of the labyrinth so she stepped out and walked towards the tree. Something about it was odd, and then, right before her, the silhouette of a man emerged from the depths of the shadows the tree and birds cast.

As he came forward, a bright light surrounded him, glowing in a rainbow of colors that then flashed to pure white. As the light faded, there stood a man in a white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of black boots. His hair was long and a burnt chestnut brown.

His eyes, those piercing eyes, were a deep blue like ice reflecting the blue sky on a cold clear day. He looked right at her and looked confused.

“You are not Kevorach.”

She was startled at the mention of her brother.

“No…no, I’m not. What do you want with my brother?”

“This is not right. You should not be here. It was meant to be Kevorach!”

Lyse was more than confused now. She couldn’t understand what was going on. And then, just as he had appeared, he vanished.


To My Lovely Wife

What do you say about the woman who changed everything?

I’m reminded of that Zach Brown Band song:

She’s got whatever it is
It blows me away
She’s everything I wanted to say to a woman
But couldn’t find the words to say
She’s got whatever it is
I don’t know what to do
Because every time I try and tell her how I feel
It comes out “I love you”
You got whatever it is

And it’s true. I love you seems to pale in how in comparison to how I feel about you.

You are amazing in every way.  I love that we can tell each other absolutely anything and it’s okay.

We make some of the dumbest jokes and laugh until it hurts.

I can’t imagine not having you in my life, and I don’t want to.

I don’t about telling everyone  I’m in love with my soulmate. You are the one who completes me and makes me into a better person.

I have changed so much since we met, and I’m still changing everyday.

Thank you, and Happy Birthday!

The Paranormal and I

I’ve been told I was odd. My boss, once, told me so. I’m a devout Christian and I’m not afraid to voice it. I also have an interest in the occult and the paranormal/supernatural. In fact, when we get older books on those subjects in the library, I usually end up with them. Witches, magic, demons, angels. I have a pretty big reference section now, thanks to my job at the library.

My interest in the supernatural/paranormal started at a very early age. As a child, I often played alone and had a very active imagination. So much so that I created a thing known as a twitcher to help me focus, to help me burn excess energy and to help me tell stories in my head.

My earliest memory of the paranormal though happened in my own home. Was it simply the overactive imagination of a child? Perhaps, but some clues point to it being a different option.

I used to see a Native American Indian in our house. He ran from my mother and father’s bedroom to my older brothers room and what later became my room. I saw him all the time. So much so I commented on it and my mom can still remember me talking about it as a kid. I’m now 32.

Native American culture became a huge interest in my life, and still is to this very day. I never really thought about the Indian much until much later when I was an adult. With the ease of access to information, I decided to research Native Americans that would have been local to my area.

First search result had a painting of Natives for my area and there, standing in full color, was my Indian. Same clothes, same hair. I was shocked. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my copy of that painting and I’ve also forgotten which tribe it was. I plan on doing research to relocate the information and that painting, though.

In the third grade, something odd happened to me. There was a thunderstorm while I was sitting in class. Outside, the thunder boomed as if it was right beside the school. I leaped from my seat and yelled really loud. Which my classmates and teacher found hilarious. I did not.

I rubbed my right hand and for two weeks had a red welt on the back of my hand. I tried telling people that, somehow, I’d be hit by the lightning. Of course, no one believed the boy who screamed during a thunderclap.

It wasn’t too long after that instance that I could no longer wear a watch. I drained the batteries dead in hours. Replace the batteries, same thing. New Watch, same thing. I tried to wear a watch all the way up to high school and then finally gave up because I was tired of having a dead watch by the time I got home.

As time moved on, I could feel people’s emotions. I could even feel..well it’s hard to explain but I could feel good and evil in places and around them. I don’t mention it much because, inevitably, someone will think I’m nuts, but at one point the intuition was so strong that I could pick up on stuff when talking to people online. Even complete strangers in chat rooms. If they lied to me, I just knew it was a lie instinctually.

There was a trailer that my Uncle and his family lived in that was by my house. It sat where we played baseball and football. I was always scared of that place. Then, one night, I saw two bright red eyes in the window and felt the most intense hatred one could feel.

That trailer is gone now, thank God.

I rarely experience those types of things now, though. And it could have just been my mind convinced of something that had a plausible explanation, but it doesn’t explain what happened on Sunday, September the 9th, 2001.

I was 16 years old. We attended Church that Sunday morning and in the afternoon we had the sermon. During prayer, an intense feeling of dread came over me and I knew, beyond a doubt, something bad was coming.

So much so that when prayer was over, I told my parents something bad was going to happen this week. Of course, at the time, we wall just dismissed it, until Tuesday morning came and the Twin Towers fell.

My heart broke watching the planes hit the towers, watching people jump from windows, the smoke pouring forth.

I’d known something was coming and….did nothing. I dismissed it. We all did. I think back on that and wonder if I was meant to do something else. I’ll never know now, though.

After that day I tried very hard to just ignore any feelings of a premonition. It was around that time that I started having my panic attacks too, which distracted me even further.

I stopped going to Church. I became a hermit for the most part. I had friends I’d go stay with to get away, but otherwise, I didn’t do much.

Then came the second to worst time in my life. I was attending college and one day when I got home. My father came home and told us several female students had accused him of inappropriate touching and behavior and he was on paid suspension pending an investigation.

Now, you have to understand that my father was a good man. No, a great man. He was a teacher who taught Vo. Tech. at the high school Vo.Tech. Center. (Vocational-Technical) He worked with Special Ed kids all the time and had both male and female students all the years he’d taught with absolutely no issues ever.

He was also, at one point, a preacher and continued to be a Lay Speaker when churches would ask him to come speak.

The story of how my father became a Christian is dramatic. I’ve still not really met anyone who has had as dramatic a conversion as he did.

My father was an alcoholic and drug addict before he was saved. One night he was drunk driving coming home and was in a car accident. a bad one. Totaled his truck to pieces.

Our cousin comes by and sees him standing in the road and asks him what happened.

He told her a man dragged him from the wreckage and fire and that he was looking for him. Brenda said, “There is no one here, Sonny. Just me.” That “man” saved my father’s life.

The next night he went to church at a revival and was saved.

Nearly everyone in the community knew my dad and they were as shocked as we were to hear the allegations. In fact, a relative of one of the families attended our church and refused to believe my dad would have done such a thing.

He was eventually acquitted in a court of law with a trial that lasts only a few hours, but in that courtroom and later and a meeting about his job, I could see shadowy figures crawling along the walls and ceiling. It was eerie, but by this time, I’d learned no one would believe me if I said anything so I ignored them.

They were super creepy and felt alien in presence. Jagged feelings of intense hatred and other things. I chose to say a prayer and remain silent.

Were these things real? Or were they just my imagination?

I’ve told people I’m a skeptic who wants to believe and a believer who is skeptical. I believe in the devil, demons, and that they exist in our world today. I also believe in God and angels, too. I believe in spiritual gifts that are God-given. I believe there are things we can’t explain in the world, but boy do I want to explore them and see it for myself.

I’m hoping to eventually do just that.

The Black Tapes



So, Like Alex Reagan says:

Alex: From Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale, it’s season two of The Black Tapes Podcast. I’m Alex Reagan. We’re continuing our exploration of the Strand Institute’s enigmatic president and founder, Dr. Richard Strand. We’re telling the story of the black tapes in order, every two weeks. So if you haven’t listened to the first few episodes, go back and start there. We’ll be here when you get back.


If you’d rather read than listen, there is a convenient way to read the transcripts of the first two seasons.

The Black Tapes banner.JPG

The Black Tapes is a podcast I stumbled upon when looking into the podcast Lore. I was excited to listen to Lore but found it kind of boring. I plan on giving it a try again, though because my expectations were set in the wrong direction.

I thought Lore would be about fictional accounts of monsters from folklore. Though I was disappointed, it did lead me to The Black Tapes, and I’m grateful for that.

For just under 3 weeks I’ve been listening to the podcast in my spare time. I was intrigued from the beginning as the blurb for the podcast said the story was about a journalist investigating the paranormal and the founder of an Institute dedicated to debunking claims of the paranormal.

She, Alex Reagan, out intrepid journalist, meets Dr. Richard Strand and learns he has these cases called The Black Tapes. Named by Alex because the info, footage, photo evidence or otherwise were in black VHS cases.

Strand claims they are all cases he can’t debunk for one reason or another.

I was hooked from the beginning.

As time goes on, we start to see little connection between the different cases, which ends up as a major plot point in the future.

Eventually, we bol the plot down to this. Demons, secret orders wanting to release demons, the theory that math and music play a part in all of the universe and will play a part in releasing demons into the world and that this conspiracy stretches through the centuries and spans the globe.

I finished the podcast tonight. The first two seasons had 12 episodes that varied in length from 30 to 50 minutes long.

Season three, however, ended up with only six episodes.

I wasn’t sure how I felt after the final episode. The entire series was building to a grand finale, a crescendo of math, music, and major conspiracies, but we didn’t get that.

We got a very rushed finale episode with a giant cliffhanger that leaves it up to you to decide.

So, I think I am going to decide. I’m going to work on two end scenarios from the choices the cliffhanger gives. I’ll be posting those in another post, however.

The Black Tapes built a lot of steam up and added mystery upon mystery, so the last season of only six episodes was kind of a letdown.

I could see where they were headed, and it would have been an amazing thing to see it go down in the last six episodes of season three.

Let’s talk about the lore behind the podcast.

Essentially, it ends up talking about cults that exist and that they want to release demons upon the world. We learn they are into everything and anyone could end up connected.

It starts with the very first case. We are told about two videos, at different places and different times of the same person as a child, and then as an adult.

The strange figure in both videos is what kicks off the podcast and the investigation into a plausible explanation.

Soon the thing in the videos is being called a demon and we start to learn that other cases with The Black Tapes are connected to this demon and to more.

Sacred Geometry, math, music, and demons become the major plot. That gateways for demons to enter our world can be created with music and sound. To make these sounds, one needs to use math as the component to compose the right acoustics.

It’s very intriguing and starts connecting old cults that still operate today, a sound supposedly made by the devil himself and a symphony that will end the world as we know it and release the demons upon the earth to devour it in darkness.

The amount of research that had to go into this plot was amazing. Each tape seemingly leads to another tape that connected back to the previous one. And sometimes it took several episodes before you even found a connection.

The amount of history, mathematics, music and folklore used to connect all of this is staggering.

Every piece of the puzzle made the bigger picture more clear, until a new puzzle piece was added and changed the picture drastically. Something you thought was figured out would be cast back into the light and found to be the wrong puzzle piece in the wrong area of the bigger picture.

I’m hoping that, at some point, we might get a sequel or a one-off special that goes into what happened next.

I’d still recommend the podcast to people, because even without all the answers, it is still an intriguing story worth listening to.

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