My Top Werewolf Films

Yesterday I read an article, The Top Ten Werewolf Films. I was highly disappointed to find that The Howling II was placed as #10 on the list.

Anyone who loves werewolves, and in particular Werewolf films, knows that The Howling II was absolutely the most horrible werewolf film to ever have been created. It should never be included in Any werewolf movie list. Its better to ignore it even exists.

So here I will include my top picks of Werewolf films. Some of these won’t be pure Werewolf films, but they either hit close enough or have werewolves in them to count in my regard. They are in no particular order of greatness. I like werewolves too much to actually have to go through and rate them.

The Wolf Man

ImageThe Original Wolf Man was an iconic film from Universal and Hammer Studios. This movie is a classic and will always be seen as one of the very first famous portrayals of the werewolf. It may not have been the very first werewolf film ever made, but it IS the one people will consider the first.







Ginger Snaps

ImageThis makes my list simply because it takes the werewolf story and modernizes it into a believable tale. Most werewolf films start off with an illogical premise and things only seem to get worse from there. Its why so many werewolf films fail. This one also has a good tale of sisterly togetherness and loyalty. I enjoyed it from the moment I saw it and the werewolves are made using practical effects. So rather than having a lame CGI werewolf, we are treated with one of the better practical effects I have seen in a werewolf film.








An American Werewolf in London

ImageAn American Werewolf in London is simply one of the better werewolf movies to exist. You get the English countryside, a superstitious village that warns two Americans to stay off the Moors, a werewolf, a hapless American who  starts to change, it simply is great.

Also that is noteworthy, the Practical effects for this film are AMAZING. If you have never watched the scene where David transforms into a werewolf then you have not seen special FX at its greatest.








Dog Soldiers

ImageDog Soldiers places soldiers fighting werewolves in the Scottish Highlands. It also has some great practical effects and a huge twist that you don’t see coming.








ImageJack Nicholson as a werewolf in a fight against a werewolf James Spader. YES!

This is almost like a Modern version of The Wolf Man.










Silver Bullet

ImageA Stephen King novel made into a film with an unlikely hero. Stephen King is undoubtedly the King of Horror. and so many of his novels and stories have been made into films and miniseries’ that you have to realize the talent.

This film follows the story of a boy who discovers a werewolf among them and decides to fight back. The kicker? He is in a wheelchair and still manages to kick major ass.






Van Helsing

ImageVan Helsing did horrible in theaters, and the critics tore it apart, but I loved it. It had the best CGI werewolves I have ever seen and had an interesting story to boot. Universal mixed and the stories of Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man dozens of times in the past and this film took it s step further and seemed to be an almost logical reasoning behind it.








Underworld (Film Series)


The Underworld film series brought renewed vigor to the story of the werewolf and brought us a wonderful story of werewolves, called Lycans, vs Vampires. With 4 films made so far and each story either escalating the plot of the previous, or in Rise of the Lycans case, providing background information, it is one of the better series of films that include the werewolf in its plot.







The Wolf Man (2010)

ImageAn updated version of the 1941 film, this retelling is stunning. I loved the entirety of this film and the fact that Sir Anthony Hopkins has now been featured in TWO Iconic horror films is the icing on the cake.












Skinwalkers was a truly interesting movie, though the plot was kind of bleh, the werewolves/shifters in the film were a blend of The Wolf Man style of werewolf and the Man-Wolf/Lycan style of werewolf.

I am sure there are other films I have forgotten in this list, or perhaps ones I haven seen yet. All suggestions are welcome to expand my library.


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