I have a Dream…..

Okay, I apologize for the cliche title, but its an apt title for what I shall be typing about.

First off, my dream for this blog. My intention, once I started this, was to always have guests write about subjects for the blog. Essential adding them as a Knight of the Round Table.

I want to spotlight old and new stuff and include people with varied opinions. I want us to Geek out together. I realize that a lot of places do this kind of thing already, but I am going to give it a shit anyways. I admire guys like Chris Hardwick. In fact he is probably the one guy I’d love to be most like.

I don’t expect to become as popular as Chris “The Nerdist” Hardwick, but I want to share my Geekiness and include others in that.

I have asked several people to join in at the Table, and nearly all have accepted. This makes me happy. If anyone else wants to join in, justcontact me.

Now this leads me to my next dream, and its a big one. In the town of Phillipi, there is The Grand Ole Theater. I remember as a kid when it still played movies. Sadly, the small movie theater has been closed done for almost 20 years, if not longer.

Beside the theater, on either side, are two empty store fronts. I have long wanted to take those three buildings and give the people of Philippi something to truly enjoy.

On the left, the empty store front used to be a Restaraunt called The Hop. It was set up to look like an old Malt Shop from the 50’s, nuke box, old style milkshakes and retro seats and tables. It was simply amazing.

The shop on the right, I honestly don’t remember what it was originally. But the last few years a shop called The Dreamweaver was located within. It sold all many of clothing and other items, but that’s not the point.

The point is, all three places just sit empty and unused now. And it makes me sad. I can see a real opportunity if I had the money, the right partners, the right amount of enthusiasm.

I’d love to restart the Theater so people in the City of Philippi could enjoy movies. The theater wouldn’t even ha e to show new releases, I’m sure movies that no one got to see in the theaters before would be awesome if shown again. Like a Star Wars Trilogy-a-thon. Or to show the Indiana Jones films? So much oppurtunity wasted.

Then, the old The Hop building, turn it into an Internet Cafe. Serve pastries/desserts with Coffee/Tea. I can see people coming in from the cold, setting up their laptops, having a cup of cocoa or tea. Sitting down to enjoy the warmth and the free Wifi. The ultimate dream would be to set it up lime an old Victorian parlor/Library. One of those electric fireplaces glowing like real fire as you sit in a comfortable wingback chair. A personal table for to you have your laptop infront of you, plenty of space to be comfortable and small enough that you don’t take up a lot of space.

Then across the way in the right shop you can browse the shelves for Books and comics and related memorabilia. Video Games and other related Geekiness on the shelves for those who truly want to enjoy such.

The book shelves would have a variety of books for people of all kinds. The bookshop would almost mirror the Internet Cafe in style, with an included reading area.

I sigh wistfully as I think of it because of how awesome it truly would be.

I have no idea how well it would work, if anyone would even want to visit the bookshop, or the cafe. If the Theater would draw people in.

But a man can dream, can he not?


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