5 Films I think deserve a second chance.

With movies now and days basically being recycled stories and reboots, we clamor for when Hollywood was giving us original stories that didnt look and feel like the cookie cutter number 261 film of the year.
Here are 5 films I think deserve a second chance in either a reboot, or a sequel.

Let us begin.


Van Helsing (Sequel)    

Van Helsing did horrible at the Box Office, but I don’t understand why. The story was solid, the effects were fantastic, the actors were phenomenal. What made this film tank? I think it was the fact that there was hardly any coverage surrounding its release. At least none that I remember.
Van Helsing deserves a second shot at stardom. A sequel could have been easily made with the rich mythos they were provided to place with. A blank canvas, an open imagination and the entire world of movie monsters to traverse and they simply just gave up.

Most may not agree with me on this point, but Van Helsing was an awesome movie. We got to see a Dracula movie, paired with the Wolfman and Frankenstein’s creature, all in one film. they even expanded this new hero Gabriel as a mysterious stranger with a haunting past that he can barely remember.

This could have been as good a series of films, like Underworld.

Catwoman (Reboot)

Everyone who loves DC Comics, and more specifically Batman knows who Catwoman is. Our first encounter in film with Catwoman was Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, and though we weren’t treated with the cat burglar we know and love, her performance was at least edgy and villainous.

Now, those who became excited to see a Catwoman film when it was announced were sorely bludgeoned by the ineptitude of Halle Berry’s Catwoman. I watched it once and was so enraged and disappointed that they had butchered the story of Catwoman so badly. The film is Grade A crap.

It deserves a Reboot. and with Anne Hathaway having portrayed our loving Cat Lady in The Dark Knight Rises, her story could be expanded into a new film easily.

I haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises yet, though, so the fate of Catwoman in the film is unknown to me, but my opinion on the Reboot stands.

The Vampire Chronicles (Reboot/Sequel)

Queen of the Damned……just saying it out loud or thinking about this film in any capacity makes me shutter.

I was unable to read the Vampire Chronicles series because Anne Rice’s writing style for the series wasn’t my cup of tea. Though the book series has a rich mythos behind it and any film maker would have all the material needed to get behind this project and with a great writing staff, create  a film worth watching.

Interview with the Vampire was a great film. It was the start and promise to something great, but after it came out, the production of the rest of the Vampire Chronicles stalled. This was a sad failure.

The Vampire Lestat was supposed to be next in line, which would have provided a lot of background information into Lestat’s origins. For me, someone who wasn’t able to forcefully read the novels and get this information, the movie would have been amazing. Instead they chose to take parts of The Vampire Lestat and combine it with Queen of the Damned and gave us a piece of crap.

We need to keep Interview with a Vampire intact, but the sequel needs to be rebooted and the films be redone with the insight and attention to detail that they deserve. There is a rich amount of information Anne Rice has provided and it is a shame that one failed film would place such a blight on the franchise.

Eragon (Reboot)

Though the Inheritance Cycle novels can be a little stiff in reading, and seem young in style and execution, the story its self is very good. When a film was announced, I couldn’t wait to see Alagaesia, to see Saphira, and to experience the world of Eragon. Sadly, I was very disappointed. Everything about this film fell flat. It was rushed and poorly made. Even John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons couldn’t save this sinking ship.

A reboot with a truer version of the source material would be welcomed by nearly all fans of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle.

Daredevil (Reboot)

The Daredevil comics have been loved by fans for a very long time. Matt Murdoch, the blind Lawyer by Day, Daredevil Vgilante by night is a story that we all read and could feel a small connection with. He had a disability, yet overcame it in an incredible manner. We could root for him just like most people root for Spiderman.

I can barely remember anything about the Daredevil film, and that, is a shame. A Superhero movie of an iconic hero should never be forgettable. That’s almost worse than being remembered as a bad film. At least then, you still remember and it provokes conversation.

Another failing of this film was the forgettable characters. You didn’t connect with them in any way. You didn’t care if they lived or died. This film also spawned the Elektra sequel which was equally bad.

With such an A-List cast, this film should have done well. Sadly it didn’t and it left a bad taste in the mouth of all the fans forced to suffer through the film.

A Reboot would be welcomed for this iconic hero.


I asked on Facebook for suggestions to films that deserved a reboot or a sequel and got a lot of  suggestions. Though I must admit, it was me talking with my two friends Sam and LeAnn that helped generate this list as we sat in their living room talking about how horrible Queen of the Damned was and how we all enjoyed Van Helsing. I could probably make a list that would go on several pages of films deserving this type of treatment, but I limited myself to 5. I’m sure I will revisit the subject in the future and give another go at making a list.

If you don’t agree with my suggestions, or have any kind of input, go ahead and comment. Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and get their opinions too!


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