SyFy 20th Anniversary Special

Last night aired the SyFy 20th Anniversary Special. Today I was watching it off of the DVR. Now, to travel down memory lane.

The SciFi channel began 20 years. I was 7 years old and I had antennae TV, so I had not found SciFi yet. 3 years later my Uncle had hooked up one of those giant satellite dishes for us.
We were used to having 2 or 3 channels over antennae and it was an ordeal to change channels where we lived. You had to go outside and turn the antennae and yell back and forth until you hit the signal, but now, we had satellite television. We went from 3 channels to hundreds.

I discovered the SciFi channel and was immediately enamored. Earlier this week I was talking about the new Dark Shadows with someone and I told them I doubt I would enjoy the new movie because it was so different from the original.

They asked me if it was a dark comedy and I was floored. “No!” I said, “It was done in a very serious manner.” sadly, I also had to reveal I couldn’t remember where I had seen the original, nor did I remember much about it.

Today, watching the 20th Anniversary Special, I remembered. It was in the SciFi channel as a kid I got to catch several episodes. AND I LOVED IT!

I remember watching is shows like The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone. Putting forth the possibilities of the future and what could happen or the stories of the strange providing a moral.

Later, that type of satellite was phased out and we were left with antennae TV again. I was sad. I had found a way to watch things I could only imagine.

As a kid I had watched a lot of VHS tapes, and Star Wars was one of the film series I watched over and over. I watched Ghostbusters, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the movies and cartoons). Between those tapes and books, it formed everything I am, all or my geeky nerdy interests.

When I was a teenager we got Dish Network. From there I was able to see my beloved SciFi channel again.

Today as I watched the 20th Anniversary Special, I found shows I remember and shows I never knew existed, yet I want to look into. It was a trip down memory lane that really made me smile.

I have told many people that the Syfy channel has two parts. When they make movies, they are of the hilarious sort. You get the likes of DinoCroc, Sharktopus, Megasnake those kinds of combos. Or you get the environmental movies about earthquakes and super storms and super volcanoes, movies that are simply B-movie material.

Then you have the excellent TV series’ and mini-series they had done over the years. The likes of Farscape, and Battlestar Galactica. Tin Man and Earth Sea. Riverworld and Alice. Shows like Being Human, Eureka and Warehouse 13 have truly redefined what to look for in science fiction.

The difference is like night and day between the two parts. Though with the invention of reality TV, we ha e shows like Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth that have joined the ranks and they are as popular as ever.

SyFy really has been a revolution and soon they will revolutionize TV again.

And with the premiere of Defiance this coming April, things will never be the same. The television series will not only have a story that evolves on you TV screen, but in an MMO as well. This is a huge project of ambition and it will either be completely awesome or an utter failure.

I can’t wait to see.

I’m also looking forward to the premiere on Continuum, an interesting show based around being a cop and Time Travel.

For anyone who missed the special last night, it will be on again later this week.

SyFy 20th Anniversary Special:
8am EST, Thursday December 13th
2am EST, Friday December 14th
6am EST, Friday December 14th
9am EST, Sunday December 16th
11:30PM EST, Sunday December 16th
1:30 am EST, Wednesday December 19th


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