So do you want to win a prize?

When I started the blog I always want to have others contribute and be a part of the blog. To join my “Round Table” of Geekdom.

So I created a page on the blog here to list contributors of the blog as members of The Round Table of Geekdom.

Now you probably are wondering how this is going to win you a prize. Well that’s the next part.

As you can see I have an image of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table on the page, but I’d much rather have a Geekcentric image instead. That’s where you come in.

I want a Geekdom Round Table. The best image wins the prize! Be as creative and create in any medium you choose.

So what’s the prize? Three Geeky T-Shirts! I only have¬†three and they are all in XL, but if that doesn’t get your goat, then I suppose I need one more special thing huh?

The winner gets the three T-Shirts and as a bonus they get a box of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack Lego Set! (No picture Available at this moment.)

Contest runs until enough people have joined in for it to be a fair contest. I don’t want someone to win by default. One entry per person. Contact me at if you are interested.

Geeky T-Shirt Prizes


















3 thoughts on “So do you want to win a prize?”

    1. It can be any medium. Go with your imagination. If you were designing King Arthurs round Table but it was to be for Geeks, Nerds, Otakus and the like, what would it look like?

      Would Arthur and his Knights even be in the picture? Would they be replaced with characters from games, movies, literature, and other geekcentric mediums? If the knights were there and Arthur too, what would they look like?

      What would the table its self look like? Who would stand at this table? What would be on this table?

      This is a contest to see who can create an image that speaks of geekdom just by looking at it!

      Its an open invitation to create something unique.


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