Roxanna Meta

The Hobbit opened across the country. And one of the members of the Genderbent Justice League, Roxanna Meta, did something special to celebrate. She is a very talented Cosplayer whose range of cosplays is vast and well put together.

She was asked by her local theater to attend the midnight showing with a few of her cosplay friends dressed as Middle-Earth characters.

Before she was to go though, she needed to finish her cosplay. She was making, from the ground up, an Arwen Cosplay.

She also wrote in to CNN.coms iReport and was asked to send in photos as well as asked for follow up information.

I enjoy Roxanna’s many cosplays and will feature a bigger post on her in the future, but for now, we focus on what she did for the release of The Hobbit.

Here is a link to her iReport post in and here is CNN.coms full Article,
For Tolkien fans, ‘Hobbit’ is family reunion, about fans and what they are doing for the release.

Take a read and see what other people are saying and doing. I will be going next weekend to see the film myself. Expect a post on The Hobbit then.


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