Thought Provoking Blog Award

Today a friend gave me a blog award.

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There are some rules about what you have to do to maintain the award status: #1. Publicly thank the person who gave you the award…#2. Share seven things about yourself…#3. You have to share the award with five other Bloggers you like…and #4 you have to post the award image to your blog.

So I want to thank David T Saint Albans for giving me this award. I truly am honored.

Share seven things about myself? Gladly.

1) I recently started catching up with the new TMNT from NickToons. When I was a kid I used to think the sewer system ran under my house and that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might live under my house. As a kid I never realized New York City was so far from where I lived and that it could be entirely possibly the turtles were under my house haha.

2) In the movie Grown Ups the guys recall the game they played where the shot an arrow straight into the air and run trying to avoid it. Me, my siblings and cousins did that a lot and one time the arrow actually hit me in the head.

3) My favorite time of the year is from October 1st until January 2nd. From Halloween to the New Year, its my Holiday season.

4) I rarely enjoy visitors who just drop in for a visit. I would much rather you call me and find out if I want visitors first, but I’m not rude enough to tell people once they are here that I want to be left alone.

5) As a kid I wanted to be just like Indiana Jones. Then after I saw Jurassic Park I wanted to be a scientist. I often day dream about being a genetics and robotics scientist.

6) I also often day dream about winning the Lottery and using that money to help people around me. To help my community. I’ve thought of all the abandoned store buildings that could be bought and used for things. How our local hospital is mostly a joke and could use upgrading. How I could do so many things.

7) I read books because my life is boring. I escape from life between those pages and go on adventures like none I could go on in my life. I love that escape. And its all thanks to my mother.


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