So 2012 is coming to a close. This year has been pretty big for me and I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

For this blog post, I am going to highlight the top 5 moments of 2012 for me. Then what to look forward to in the future.

5)Earning my driving learners permit.

I struggle with Social Phobia/Anxiety Disorder. Since Highschool, when something made me nervous, I became physically ill and usually ended up vomiting. Certain classes filled with assholes could trigger it, or a class whose teacher did things so above highschool standards that it became confusing (especially in a subject I loved). I used to think that this was purely a weakness of my mind and body and that eventually I would overcome it. I became so ill when I went the first time to take the written learners test at 16 that I spent half an hour in the bathroom before hand and new I was going to fail because I couldn’t concentrate in anything except not vomiting right there. I failed the written test 7 times between the ages of 16 and 18. Then I went to college and the panic attacks made it hard, but I endured. After I got my degree I became a recluse. I went no where because it was simpler that way. No panic attacks. When I started working with my dad it made going out to work easy enough because my dad understood, but I still didn’t go out and do anything with people. I wasn’t adventurous or spontaneous. Simply because the unexpected caused me to have a panic attack. And so life went until I went to Pennsic. After I came back I was determined to get my permit and then my license.

4) Joining the SCA and 3) Going to Pennsic XLI

It was just after Christmas last year when I met Gareth Kincaid at his home and talked about the SCA and becoming involved. He is a fighter and runs House Sable Maul. He said if I was serious about joining and wanted to go to Pennsic I could camp with his House. So I chose to take him up on the offer and it was one of the best things I ever did.

I’ve attended a few SCA events but Pennsic was by far the greatest. If you like Medieval times and want to spent two weeks immersed in awesomeness then Pennsic is definitely the place to go. I fought for one day as a Combat Archer on the field and it was great. I made a mistake though and was told I couldn’t fight the Bridge Battle. And on that Friday I didn’t fight in the big ending battle because I drank way too much the night before, though once I was out there watching them I regretted not suiting up.

My time with Sable Maul was an experience that I needed and though I took a lot of shit from those guys, I felt at home.

2) All the new awesome friends I made.

This past year was full of new and wonderful people. All of them became friends that I wouldn’t want to give up. Each of them have all been so good to me.

And Number 1) The birth of my Nephew.

My Nephew, Daniel James Wesley McGee. He is the cutest child and he gives me a real reason to live and laugh and to love. He is smart, and adorable. Its impossible for me to actually convey in words how much I love that boy and I will tell you this, I would give my life to protect him from any harm. He is an angel.

Now as for what to look forward to in 2013.

  • Sexy Star Wars
  • More Cosplay goodness
  • More Geektastic posts
  • And a whole bunch more!

    Keep your eyes open and I hope people tune in and read my blog and enjoy what they see!


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