Happy New Year!

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Well we made it. Threats and conspiracies and the Mayans Prophecy of the Worlds End. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods. Superstorm Sandy and her spawn Frankenstorm.

I think we deserve a celebration!

Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile for. BlackBerryWe Made It!

So as we bid farewell to the trials and tribulations of 2012, I ask you remember the good things.

Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile for BlackBerrySuch as the Nostalgia of Christmas

The end of one year and the birth of the next come so close to Christmas. I cam still remember that old Rankin and Bass claymation/stopmotion movie about Rudolph saving Baby New Year. Rudolphs Shiny New Year always extended the magic of Christmas. As winter would set in the next couple of months would be bleak and cold where I live in this small valley. Hard work is always needed to keep us from freezing, but a warm hearth and good family and friends always make it tolerable.

So, as the cold sets in for some of us, and the memories keep us warm, I bid farewell to 2012.

Only one thing really left to say.

Happy New Years Geeks!


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