Krater: Shadows Over Solside

Right, so. Figure since this is my first post, I’d best introduce myself proper-like:

I’m the Six Gun Saint, not much to really introduce about me other than I’m a husband, father, musician, avid reader, and gamer.

I play RPG, FPS, and RTS games most often. I’m also quite the fan of “Old School” games-platformers and top-downs.

Top Ten Games:
Portal or Bioshock, hard to say
Goldeneye 64
Fallout ThreeVegas (see what I did there?)
Final Fantasy IV
Age of Mythology
Legend of Dragoon
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia II
Gain Ground
Sonic (1,2,3, and Knuckles)

I occasionally write stories, although I never finish them. My lovely wife, myself, and my best mate Fluffy are all in school right now to learn Simulation and Game Development, so hopefully in another year or so we’ll be churning out short games based on some of those stories!

Anyway, enough about me. On to what this post is about: The Steam game “Krater.” (And by a review, I mean my initial impressions from the first 15 minutes/demo-what? I’m cheap! I don’t have $15 to blow on a game-I play the free demo!)

Krater is a top-down RPG in the style of Magicka or Gauntlet Legends (the Dreamcast version of that game… YES, I STILL HAVE A DREAMCAST).

The setting is the part that interested me the most: It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, where apparently death lurks around every turn. That’s pretty cool and all, but so far, I’ve not met with any of that hot death served up fast.

I HAVE met up with marauding bands of looters, rabid animals, and things of that nature. Having a healer in my group that has no mana to waste, never runs out of healing charge, and has a less than 2 second cool down makes the challenge somewhat… relaxed? But that’s neither here nor there.

It (so far) is rather linear in nature, but that’s not always a bad thing. The mini-map in the top keeps you fairly well on point.

Can’t talk to every NPC (that would be nice, though), only the ones marked on your mini-map, or that have a (?) when you move your mouse over them.

Graphics are pretty. Very pretty. TOO pretty. Makes your head swim if you spin the camera too fast.

Gameplay is your basic point-and-click top-down RPG like Diablo II, only you’ve got three characters running around, not just one. That makes things a bit confusing at first, but you soon settle in.

The INVENTORY system really kind of irks me. Don’t much care for it, it’s cluttered and confusing. Really, the whole user-interface is a bit… Well, that’d be the glaring issue with the game, I’d say. I mean, coming off of games like Gauntlet Legends, Magicka, and Diablo II, I expected somewhat more of an intuitive system. But now I’m starting to sound like the Resident Game Reviewing Hater of the ‘net… If I have to tell you who that is, you need help. I’ll give you a hint: He talks REALLY REALLY FAST.

Story is… Well, I only really played the first 15 minutes of the demo. because I’m a bit sickly today, and the camera was making my head spin.

Anyway, for $15, you could probably do a lot worse than buy this game.

Expect a fuller review after my recovery.


One thought on “Krater: Shadows Over Solside”

  1. Nevermind the fuller review after my recovery… Life, finances, and jobs just didn’t work out right.

    Still, I stand by my initial impressions-it’s a decent game for the money (or so it seems). If you’re skeptical, just wait for a Steam Sale.


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