Voice Actors

On a Facebook status I announced that several animated characters I had found attractive were all voiced by the same voice actor. Tara Strong has a long career in voice work and I was amazed at all of them listed in her filmography, but I shall have a blog post specifically on her later.

I spent a good portion of the day doing research but nothing I read really was what I wanted to include in the post.

I tried researching and finding the first animated film that included voice acting, but doing so was as fruitless as a cherry tree that met a young George Washington.

I know that Disney was definitely among the earliest to make feature length films to have voice acting and Warner Brothers was another with its Looney Toons.

Animated Films aren’t the only place where voice acting is a major proponent. Video Games, animated television shows, Anime and even Audio Books have voice acting.

In the next few weeks I’m going to choose several Voice Actors that I find have done amazing work and write articles on them.

Keep your eyes peeled on what’s to come.


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