The Voices of Tara Strong

So, in my Voice Actors post, I talked about how Tara Strong voiced several characters I had found attractive in animated form. This gave me the idea to do a few blog posts on some well known Voice Actors and some not so well known that I like.

I’m pretty sure my first time hearing Tara Strong and knowing it was her was Raven from Teen Titans. It doesn’t hurt that I like Goth girls and Raven was all of the right stuff.

When looking over her filmography, it surprised me some of the projects she has worked on. I saw she had been in many video game projects and other animated works that I wasn’t aware of.

I also must make a correction. I was under the assumption she voiced Gwen Tennyson as well. and on that note I was wrong. (Mark it in your calendars, I am rarely wrong nor do I admit it easily!)

Now, to choose the top voices of Tara Srong!


ImageSo Batman can’t help me? Fine. Let’s see what Batgirl can do!

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Batman: Arkham City
What’s wrong with you, B-man? You come into Mista J’s home and just start smashing it to pieces! Don’t you know he’s sick?“―Harley Quinn

For more information on her work in the Batman Universe, check out her Batman wiki Page.

“Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you! I was protected by the monks of Azarath! I was raised by my friends! They are my family! This is my home! And you are not welcome here! Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!”Raven


“But I think, we should follow his lead and mingle a little.”Ilana


Iolande of Betrassus


Twilight Sparkle

And that isn’t even a quarter of Tara Strongs accreditations!
You can find more at her IMDB and her Wikipedia page as well as her Official Site.


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