I like to write, but I often wish I had a partner to do so with. Someone to build a world and story with.

With that in mind I wrote this and put it in Facebook and then decided it might be a good idea to have it on my blog as well.

My story about The Magi is all in my head mostly, but this piece is now finally written out. It pertains to the way magic works in their world.

Now, I realize that it is extremely similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender and how Benders powers work, but there are differences. Which will be worked on a revealed in time.

Now, without further ado, here it is.


The Way of the Magi
A Mage is made up of two things. The Person who wields the power and Elements from which that power is wielded.

The person is made up of these five things:

If one is lost, the person ceases to function. These are regarded as the makeup of a person.

The powers of a Mage are made from the Elements.

The Elements are:

Each of those parts corresponds with one of the Elements.

A Mage is created when the Spirit of the Person intersects with the Spirit of the Elements.

Each Element corresponds with a part of the Person.

The Heart is connected to Air. If the Heart is light, then no troubles will weigh down the Spirit of its wielder.

The Soul is connected to Fire. For as long as the Soul burns bright, there is the power of life.

The Body connects to Earth. A Body that is strong will be as unyielding as a mountain and will be as difficult to challenge.

The Mind connects with Water. A Mind must be as clear as Water. Only then will one see the way.

A Mage is capable of wielding all the elements, but they must be truly enlightened to do so. These Magi are then Spirit Mates, wielder of all powers.

The Magi train each Mage to be prepared for what they will face, but even then, there will be dangers.

If the Soul burns too bright, its wielder will be blinded and the Fire will burn uncontrollably.

If a Heart is too light, then its wielder will be blown away for not caring and risk losing all emotion.

If the Body is too unmoveable, then the wielders pride will cost them greatly.

And if a Mind is too clear, the wielder risks forgetting all they have learned.

The Magi are chosen to serve the Light, but the Dark is always waiting.

This is the Way of the Magi.


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