Voice Actors: Lord Jazor

This has been a long time coming and I really messed up on getting it to the public in a timely manner. Life has a habit of getting in the way.

I have known Jazor for a while and He is a talented individual that amazes me everythime he does something. The range this man has in his abilities is simply amazing. And here I am hoping to show you this.

First, I want you to watch these:

Now that you have SEEN for yourself this mans talents, its time you get to know him a little better.


261473_4082229932017_500366869_nMe: Cosplay attracts all kinds of peo

ple of varying talents. What drew you to Cosplay and when to you become a part of the Cosplay community?

Jazor: I started off doing what I guess would be a branch of cosplay in that I have been doing pirate reenacting for about five years now, mainly performances at various pirate festivals with the crew and renaissance fairs sometimes and the like. So I would say that was my first cosplay-like venture. I’ve always been a fan of comic books and went to my first comic con in 2008 and ever since I wanted to get into the whole ‘dress as your favorite characters’ circuit. Since then I’ve even been going to midnight movie showings in costumes and such.

Me: I’ve seen several of your Cosplays and each has a great attention to detail. Do you do the sewing and prop work yourself?

Jazor: Not a lot of it, no. I don’t know the first thing about sewing cloth, but I do leatherwork so basically anything leather in a costume of mine that isn’t….shoes, is something I made. Everything else tends to be commissioned or bought online.

Did anyone influence you within the Cosplay community that motivated you to join in?

Funnily enough, the girlfriend (Tallest Silver) was one of my inspirations before we had even started actually talking. She just has such a passion for the art of it all and does such great work and has such a great amount of fun with it that I couldn’t help but be inspired. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually told her that….hm.

I’ve watch several of your YouTube videos and heard your amazing voice acting skills, Does Cosplay come in handy to help you practice those voices? To get inside the head of a particular character you are voicing?

Well it’s a good question because I am principally an actor, of course, and I’ve done a lot of stage work and film work and such (nothing terribly professional) and the process of fitting voice to character is a huge part of that. The whole “I’ll find my character when I find his wardrobe” thing enters into it, and I do think that cosplaying helps in regards to some of my voice work. Dr. Doom, for example, was one that the costume helped a bit with. When I’m in that costume, because it’s very bulky and heavy and makes me look larger, there’s a real sense of power and majesty in it so that gave me some extra umf for Doom’s voice.

Are there any characters that you want to Cosplay as but haven’t yet?

Oh yes, I have a whole list of ideas I’m compiling. Who is next on the list varies depending on what I have been asked to do with various groups and things. It’s actually almost constantly in flux because of what I might be watching at the time or re-reading, or even reading for the first time. Couldn’t think of any in particular to mention at the moment, but I have a whole album on Facebook about it.

With your voice work, when did you first find that interested you?

When I was younger, I watched a lot of cartoons and would often record them on a little micro cassette player. Just the audio, of course, but I would imitate the voices and could picture what was going on just from the sound. So I naturally developed a love for old school radio drama at the same time and have remained a lover of them ever since. Only a bit later did I discover that it was an actual profession and, since I had always wanted to be an actor anyway, I jumped onboard that whole train and here we are, I guess.

You have stated many times that you do the voice acting for fun. Does it ever become a burden or feel like work? Have you given up on a character because it felt like work?


Well I do it for fun and as a means of income as well. Over the last couple of years, out of the six and a half years I’ve been doing this, people have started offering to pay me for it so that’s a welcome surprise. But yes, I always get great enjoyment out of it. The moment it feels like work will be the moment I stop doing it. Sure it’s taxing sometimes, and definitely time-consuming, but I have never felt that it was a huge burden or anything.

I’ve seen you do Steampunk stuff, as well as comics stuff, is there any voice acting you want to do but haven’t approached yet for some reason?

My main shticks are villains and anti-heroes, because that’s what my vocal range generally caters to best. Now I can change my voice to highs and lows and things, but everyone always has a certain niche that goes along with their character and that’s always been mine. It’s good fun, but sometimes branching out is a thought that comes to me. As far as anything I want to do but haven’t, I want to get back to my original desire to dub an entire comic from start to finish and get cast members onboard who will stick with the project, not like those who dropped out after being signed on to my first attempt at this with ‘The Long Halloween.’

What is in the future for Lord Jazor, be it Cosplay or voice acting, what do you see yourself moving forward towards?

Well college is honestly just not my thing anymore. I don’t think I’m unintelligent or anything, but I’ve gotten to that point in arts college when I really think I have gathered as much information as possible that is useful to me in my field. I don’t think it’s a self-absorbed notion, really, but rather just that as I continue on with it I just can’t find many classes that seem to offer me stuff I don’t already know about my chosen field and I’m not in the habit of logging away information that is ultimately not stuff I will use later, like marine biology or something. If that makes sense. So hopefully I’ll bow out of that and see about getting a proper voice agent in Chicago here, and several of my professors have connections and have offered to put in a good word for me, plus I do have a rather decent portfolio of work over the last six and a half years so we’ll see where that boat sails to, I suppose. As for cosplay, like I said no real set plans specifically right now. Just sort of up in the air.













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