Jeselyn and the Old Ones

I’ve stated many times that my favorite Alt Model is Jeselyn of (NSFW). Turns out, we had a certain interest in common and she was gracious enough to allow me to interview her about it.

E.L. Knight:  How old were you when you discovered H.P. Lovecrafts work?

Jeselyn: I’ve been reading works by H.P. for about 5 years now. I was first introduced then and haven’t been able to stop.

E.L. Knight: Where did you first get to read his works?

My fiancee had introduced me to H.P. after introducing me to Clive Barker’s writing. I feel in love with Clive’s work and that one thing led to H.P.

What sort of influence has the Cthulu mythos had on your life?

The Cthulhu mythos hasn’t had a dramatic influence on my life per say, other than a deep love for the man and his work. Though, every where I go, I look for cthulhu figures and merch to decorate my place with… so maybe it’s deeper than I thought.

I saw on your page you visited H.P. Lovecrafts burial site and got a rubbing form his tombstone. Was that your first visit there? How exciting was it to be there?

I did visit H.P.’s burial site. It was a maze in there. The site was very inconspicuous. It was rather clean when I went there. A neat line of stones and knick-nacks lines atop of his stone. It was my first visit. I had been waiting to make the pilgrimage for years. It was rather exciting to finally have made it. I actually got a little teary eyed.

You have a H.P. Lovecraft tattoo. What inspired you to get the tattoo? Did you design it yourself?

I have 2 H.P. tattoos to be exact. My artist designed one of them. He used the iconic Miss B. Havin’ pinup and turned it into Cthulhu with a banner that says “San-loss” The second tattoo is a portait of H.P. on my shoulder with a single tentacle. I got that at the RI Tattoo Expo in 2012.



You are a model, have you ever considered doing a Cthulhu inspired photoshoot?

I am a model. Been modeling now for about 5 years. I have though of doing a Cthulhu themed shoot, though I would be very picky on how it was done. Instead at the moment, I am decorating my fish tank and looking for the perfect Cthulhu stone statue to put inside.

After this interview took place, I asked her what sort of Cthulhu figure she wanted for her tank and told her about something I had that might fit her needs. Cthulhu now guards her fish tank.

Cthulu Fish Tank Jeselyn


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