Happy Halloween!

Today is a day many look forward to. Most who love this Holiday begin getting ready for it early in September and the month of October is spent enjoying the thrills and scares of Halloween.

I have loved this Holiday since I was a kid. I lived a life of fantasy most of the time as a kid, using my imagination and being other people, play acting that I was in a war, or I was a spy, or a detective, or a scientist.  those were the fun times or youth.

Now, as an Adult, I have tried to capture that magic again. Cosplay has been an interest of mine for a long time, and little did I realize, thats what I was doing as a kid, and even now in small ways. It’s also what inspired me to write.

I currently have a Mad Scientist lab as my Office/Man Cave. Its the perfect place to be inspired.

I have also decided to build props to sell to people. They will lean along the horror side involving monsters and the esoteric and occult. Its what I like.

You can find my shop here. I currently have a Travelers Vampire hunters Kit, a Jar of Vampire Ashes, and Parchment Paper up for Sale!

I realize its been a while since I posted, so I have decided to try and frequent here more often.

I hope everyone’s Halloween is safe and eventful!


Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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