The Magic of Memories

As an adult we often lose sight of the finer things in life, including childhood joys.

Being a Geek allows people to be a part of fandoms that hold a place in ones heart and often becomes an obsession.

Manu of us began that journey as children, and little did we know that, as adults, we would want to feel that old magic of young memories that culminate in true nostalgia for things lost.

We have all seen the meme that says, “You have a time machine and can do only one thing. What do you do?”

My answer, for the longest time, was save the library at Alexandria.

In the last few months, I’ve come to realize that isn’t what I would do at all.

I would go back to my young child self and tell him to keep his toys safe, to keep them from being broken or destroyed. I’d tell him that one day, they will mean more to him than he will ever know.

I lament the fact this can’t be done, not for my present self ateast. Maybe another me, in an alternate dimension can, or has, or that child kept his toys safe anyways.

I grew up very poor. We never had brand new things, but we had a lot of second hand stuff.

I was lucky, and I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anyone else’s. It was special because of the things my Mother did. She introduced me to Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Thunder Cats, He-Man.

We didn’t have tv when I was a kid, except for a few local channels, but we had a family friend who taped things off the TV for us, and We bought VHS’s from yard sales.

To keep me occupied, mom had movies for me to watch, which set me on a path I’d never wish to have missed.

Each Christmas, we got plain cardboard boxes full of stuff. Gift bags, and sometimes just grocery bags to hide the stuff from view.

Momma spent all year gathering gifts for me and my brother and sister. My older brother had mostly moved out by the time I was 9 or 10. Fourteen years separate us, so I’ve only ever really remembered him as an adult.

Christmas at our house was magical, even though the gifts looked plain, weren’t wrapped or anything like that, treasure awaited within.

Momma always says I was the easiest to please, and it’s true, but that’s only because my mother could find things I loved so easily.

The gifts I can remember owning that shaped me the most, are the ones lost to me now. Or mostly lost.

I had the diecast metal and plastic Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters firehouse toy, all of the The Real Ghostbusters action figures, the monsters/ghosts.

I had the blue plastic Proton Pack. It has a yellow rubber tube that connected to the gun, orange trigger, had that old school wheel in its that scratched and sparked to make noises. I had the blue and pinkish red PKE Meter, the Ghost Trap of which I had two. (I still own one, its in decent shape for having been in a box 15 years and plenty of a abuse.) I had a jump suit too, patches and all. What I wouldn’t give to have those back.

I had all the He-Man and She-Ra figures, as well as Castle Grey Skull.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their van, bikes.

All the Thunder Cats, two of which I still have. (Lion-O and Grune).

I had multiple Star Wars figures too, lost to the diet, the trash, or donation.

To have all of those back, to have them on display. {Sighs}

As I became a teenager, I lost touch with the things that brought me joy as a child.

As a Geek, It’s okay to seek that back out. It’s accepted, even expected.

My most recent reconnection has been with Ghostbusters.

Harold Ramis’ passing hit me rather hard. When I heard the news, I cried. I was upset, and all that day I was out of sorts. I didn’t understand why I had such a reaction, and then, I figured it out.

Egon and Ray were my two favorites. I wanted to be a combination of them as an adult.

Harold Ramis, who played Egon, is my first childhood hero to die. That is a big thing. My first childhood hero to die.

A piece of my childhood, someone who defined a big part of my geekdom, is gone.

After his passing, I started looking up Ghostbusters pictures, Cosplay/Costumes, those sorts of things. I found Extreme Ghostbusters on YouTube, which I plan to watch more of soon.

I felt the need to find that magic old memories hold.

I told you about my Toy Ghostbusters kit, the Proton Pack, PKE Meter, Trap. Well, now I’ve decided to start the journey towards an upgrade.

I want to own replicas of the movie props.

I joined the Ghostbusters West Virginia Division. And so begins the journey to take that childhood memory, and its magic, and upgrade it.

I want to recapture that excitement, that awe from the first time I saw a Lightsaber, or a Proton Pack, and I’m taking steps on that journey.

And its all thanks to my Mother.


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