Love Your Fandom

I’ve come to the conclusion that Disney and LucasFilm disregarding the EU isn’t such a bad thing.

Comics have alternate universes, why can’t a beloved SciFi fanchise like Star Wars?

I choose to just view it as an alternate Universe that took place, like the “What If?” Comics.

But, as I have told many others, I happen to be a simple Geek. I’m grateful for anything a franchise gives me, good, terrible, horrible or awesome.

The Joel Schumacher Batman Films are a great example. They were terrible in so many ways, but they were a part of Batman.

There are some films that should never be compared to its source material, such as the supposed Avatar: The Last Airbender film.

Am I one of the only geeks that is just pleased to have more of a franchise, to discuss, enjoy and, if terrible, complain about and Invite new viewers to older films that exemplify what is excellent in that Franchise.

I enjoyed All of the Star Wars films I was given. Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters of all of Star Wars. Sure Jar Jar Binks was a kid friendly way to pull in children and annoyed us older fans, but it still doesn’t ruin Star Wars as many have claimed.

Also remember, the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes are very different from their Comic Counterparts and I’m okay with that. As are the various animated films of both properties.

Change can be great, and we often forget that. Think of all the awesome things we have been given in comic story lines due to alternate Earths and dimensions.

I choose to enjoy what I’m given. What about you?


One thought on “Love Your Fandom”

  1. You nailed it with exactly how I feel on this subject. It’s like the classic “the book was better than the movie” debate… Yes, the book probably was better. The movie may have left some things out or changed a scene to allow for better understanding with new fans. There may be entire places or characters that we never get to see on the big screen. But that doesn’t mean the movie wasn’t worth it. As a true fan I love any time I get any tidbit of one of my fandoms…whether it’s perfect or not it’s still another piece of the overall puzzle, another view of the beloved story. I say embrace it all!

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