Geeks, Freaks, Nerds and Outsiders

I’ve seen a lot of hostility in various fandoms recently. Geeks and Nerds trying to prove who is more knowledgeable on a specific character. A debate turns into a fight match that devolves into ad hominem attacks that vary from a burn to downright malicious.

Seriously?!?! 10 years ago, YOU were the outsider. The Freak, the Nerd, the Geek. None of those were said in admiration or with respect. We were treated like weirdos who would grow up in our mothers basements playing video games and collecting Star Wars “toys.”

Since that time, The Geek has inherited the mainstream. We have Television, Comics, Movies, Toy lines, Books and more aimed for us to enjoy and yet, we turn on a fellow fan in a heartbeat if we feel justified in doing so, and in most cases, we are not.

Just today I read an entire conversation about two guys having a pissing match over who was the bigger Green Arrow fan. The reason? One was a fan of the TV show and then read the comics, the other a Comic Fan who watches the Show and despises it. And, like every other fight, it ended in insults and malicious words aimed at very personal ideals simply because the two couldn’t debate and outmaneuver one another with logic.

I’ve seen it with Comic fans, Star Wars fans, Cosplayers. you name it, you will find a small minority that likes to generate drama.

You probably are thinking, so what? That’s life. Move on. Except that this shouldn’t be the end of the discussion. Like I said, 10 years ago, none of us were the cool kids, the popular kids. We were the ones made fun of for liking things that were “kiddie”. For playing with toys or “kids card games” and Video Games.

As this changed, the revolution for us Geeks and Nerds came full force with channels like G4, and conventions becoming big public spectacles to be covered by the News, and TV and in magazines.

One of the biggest things to jump start that revolution was Video Games and Comic Books, that’s what the conventions were built for. Then the video game companies and publishers realized how powerful these things were and soon, this rocket was off and nothing was gonna stop it.

I don’t understand why their has to be animosity, hatred, in fighting and drama. We have enough things to worry about as an adult to let our fandoms, some peoples only escape from the woes of their adult lives, to add more stress.

I read a quote this week that said, If you do not see anyone in this world being nice, then be that person. What a concept huh?


3 thoughts on “Geeks, Freaks, Nerds and Outsiders”

  1. I used to be a closet nerdy geek- for good reason. Now I’m on my own and looking for things to divulge in.. and sometimes its not worth it because of the fights some topics turn into. Unless you find those specific people you converse with who just agree to everything you say, but then wheres the fun in that?
    I still hang out with others no matter what they like, but I dislike arguments.

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  2. Preach on!
    It’s sad that people feel the need to be the “original fan.” Shouldn’t we be embracing each new member of a fandom with love and encouraging words? And for that matter, shouldn’t each fandom be embracing each other? While ‘nerdom’ becomes more mainstream every day there are still people who want to put us down based on what we like…why should we be doing it to each other too?

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