Some Horror Films I’m looking forward to this year.

I’m excited for the Horror films being released this year, and here are a few that I am really really excited for!

August 7, 2015
Look for Goosebumps to be as much comedy as it is horror, but look for it to tap nostalgic nerves around the globe as well. R.L. Stine’s series remains one of the most popular runs for the young, and there’s no reason to believe that infectious entertainment won’t transfer well to the big screen. This could be the film that sees Jack Black return to top form.

I loved Goosbumps as a kid. I read the books and I loved the TV show and the TV movies. This excites me more than you can imagine. Here is hoping they keep the creep factor with the comedy and update it for us fans who are adults now.

October 2, 2015
Daniel Radcliffe can’t be stopped. He transitioned from the Harry Potter films to the surprisingly impressive adaptation of Joe Hill’s amazing novel Horns, and now he’s right back at it in the newFrankenstein film. Radcliffe will portray Igor, and the majority of us are extremely excited. This one doesn’t look to be another Universal action-oriented flick, but something a bit darker. It’s a shame we’ll be forced to wait until next October to take this one in, but the wait could very well be worth it!

Give me Frankenstein and I will watch it, A List, B Movie, SyFy channel Saturday Night Special, I don’t care. I love the Classic Monsters and I love seeing new and interesting twists with them. This looks like a good one, let’s hope they do the classic justice. I’ll still watch it if they don’t, though.

The Last Wiitch Hunter
October 23, 2015
The Last Witch Hunter
Vin Diesel will front Breck Eisner’s new action/horror hybrid, The Last Witch Hunter. Early imagery looks awesome, and Vin has a knack for taking the reigns and outshining his cast mates. It won’t be easy with talents like Elijah Wood and Michael Caine on board, but it’s possible. And even if Diesel fails to emerge the star, he’s got great onscreen company and a really cool man versus witch concept to juggle.

I always love Monster Hunter type films, and Vin Diesel is pretty much good in any action film you stick him in. This movie also boasts Elijah Wood and Michael Caine, who are pretty much bullet proof at the Box Office. So this movie should be pretty entertaining.

Friday the 13th
November 13, 2015
Friday the 13th
The fact is we don’t know much about the new Friday the 13th film. But, it is coming next year in order to avoid rights issues. We’ve heard rumors of a full reboot, and we’ve heard rumors of a found footage angle. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what approach is utilized, we all love Friday the 13th, and we all love Jason Voorhees, which means we’re juiced to be seeing another Friday flick next year!

They are pretty much right on the money with the fact we love Jason Vorhees. Can’t wait to actually see what comes of this film. A Reboot might breathe new life into the film series, but DO we need it? Jason has seen a lot of mileage in the series, and they still have a ton they can utilize. Can’t wait to see more news as the time comes closer.

December 4, 2015
Michael Dougherty delivered holiday terror in Trick ‘r Treat, and he isn’t about to stop. Next for Dougherty is a Christmas themed chiller known as Krampus. All the naughty children next Christmas should heed warning, change your ways or the Krampus just might slink down your chimney and rip your insides out. Excellent Christmas terror? We predict so!

Okay, I learned about Krampus many years ago, and I fell in love with the legend and story. The whole Anti-Claus thing just made it so interesting. Like a God vs. Satan story for Christmas. The Battle for childrens’ souls. This is probably the one film I am most excited for.

via 10 Horror Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2015.


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