Weapon Brown: The Comics are all grown up.

So, Weapon Brown is interesting. I love the Peanuts comics and books. I own a bunch of them from childhood and I have read them many many times. I’ve seen nearly all the animated specials. So, I’m a big fan of The Peanuts Gang and Charlie Brown. As a kid, I always thought that My dogs or cats were like Snoopy or Garfield. That they could talk to each other, and they did stuff like fight the Red Baron, or games similar to what we did as kids.

I’ve seen fan art of different child hood comics, or shows that were updated and shown in a Zombie Apocalypse, or after Armageddon. Or as Monster Hunters. It’s always cool to see the things I grew up with that are updated into something more adult.

I recommend checking this out, seeing if it interests you. It’s got more than just Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang in it, too, which really appeals to me making it a connected newspaper/funny pages comics universe.

I’d love to see it be made into an animated film, too. Maybe by HBO. I think they could handle a project like this and give it a treatment like they did Spawn.

via Weapon Brown | Weapon Brown: The funny pages… weaponized!.


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