The Expanded Universe Changes

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, I was excited. This meant new life was being breathed into Star Wars, a bright new future was arising, and I couldn’t wait.

Then came the decision to disregard the EU and replace it with new Canon sources that would come from Disney.

I was heartbroken. How could something I have been reading since I was a boy be disregarded so easily. Then, I began to start thinking. This is not so bad after all. They created the Legends banner so the EU can remain within Star Wars and continue to be a source for the Canonical films and other properties.

I made up my mind to view it under the Multiverse Theory, as I do many things. Star Wars Legends is but one possible path Star Wars could have taken. The new path diverges from Return of the Jedi and into The Force Awakens. Thus creating a new Universe.

I choose to remain positive with what is coming. As a fan, I love what happens and what we are given, even when it turns out to be terrible.

via Expanded Universe Changes – Star Wars Wiki Guide – IGN.


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