Selena Drake: Award winning Poet, Artist, Author and Philanthropist

My friend, Selena I. R. Drake, is a passionate writer who loves her projects like children. She is unable to contain the stories within herself and has a near obsessive compulsion to write them until they are completely on paper and made into a cohesive story for others to enjoy.

I met her on Facebook and we became fast friends, our love of creating, writing and building entire worlds made us a good match for friendship.

I’ve read one of her books, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I cannot wait to read her first Case of the AEON Files.

She needs the help of the public at large though. She needs to raise funds to raise awareness of her books and to win over other fans.

This is where you come in, and this blog post. I spoke with her and she graciously agreed to allow me to write a post and try to get people over to her sites and generate some interest.

If you like what you see, then you can donate to her cause and get some awesome rewards in the process.

Click here to go to her Go Fund Me.
Or donate directly to her website as a Sponsor.

via Sponsor A Dragon by Selena Drake – GoFundMe.


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