Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2

So, the new Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens teaser trailer is out and I’ve watched it a few times.

Just a few things I want to point out that I am excited for or noticed and want to talk about.

First up, I still LOVE the broad sword lightsaber. I have, as you can tell, loved the idea of an Excalibur Lightsaber, and this new lightsaber is definitely in that vein.

Next, I can not wait to see this new Sith in action! He is leading the new Troopers and it looks like a brand new Empire is rising up.

This brings me to the whole new symbol for the Empire. Why such a drastic change to it? Maybe because this is a completely brand new faction rising up, assuming the place of the Empire?

Then we have these chromed out Stormtrooper who looks like he is kicking ass and taking names. In fact, he looks to be taking the place that Vader filled. Cape, Hunting his enemies, And being the Ace Pilot. Maybe a clone of Vader?

Back to the beginning of the trailer, I don’t remember any major battles over Tattooine. So why are their so many wrecked ships there?

Who is the person with the new mechanical hand with R2?

Why is Han Solo and Chewie talking like they haven’t seen the Falcon in years? (I suspect its just fan service and a nod to how long its been since we have seen the Falcon ourselves.)

This trailer has me excited for the future of Star Wars, and this movie looks amazing so far, as I figured it would, and this is just with us having two teaser trailers.

Man its good to be a Geek.


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