Mountaineer Monster Hunters

Disclaimer: This is a non-authorized, unofficial fanfiction set in the Monster Hunter International Universe, based on the books created by Larry Correia.

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . .
when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

And there he is. The New Guy.  No, not that movie from the early 2000’s.  No, this was our new recruit.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour waiting on our teams newest guy to get here.  The Bossman recruited him after a nasty gremlin outbreak in Morgantown on the WVU Campus. Gremlins usually aren’t exterminated but can be recruited into helping or negotiated into relocating.  These ones, though, decided to cause electrical fires, downed lines, and blown transformers.  7 people dead.

MCB took over the scene and Bodie happened to have seen the little bastards before they could shut it down.  Poor Bodie got the “Keep your mouth shut or we come back and you won’t like us when we do” speech.  On the other hand, the Bossman was on campus and got to also talk to Bodie. recruiting him for the team.

Now, will he remain a member of the team?  Well, that remains to be seen.  Most people can’t handle what they see when the truth comes to light.  Others refuse to accept it and move on like it was a hallucination.  Then there are the men and women who, like me, and the other Monster Hunters, see it, accept it and then move into the next phase, which usually involves hunting monsters.

My entrance to the world of monsters was a bit more violent that Bodie’s, but we aren’t here to talk about me.  No, today is Orientation.  I’m the lucky one who gets to take Bodie and show him the farm and how we operate.

“Bodie!” He comes across the Sheetz parking lot and stops by the car.  He’s taller than I imagined, but he is skinny as a rail.

“I’m Eli. Eli Knight.  I’m the welcome wagon.  I’ll take you over to the farm, show you the ropes, get you settled in.”

“I’ll follow you over, then?”

“Yeah, but first, I’m hungry. You Hungry? I’ll take you to the best place to get some food here in Phillips.”

“Sure. I’m starving.”

So I’ll take him to the Galleon.  Nice place right on mainstreet. Gives me some time to get to kno the kid.  Bossman told me he as young, but damn, he doesn’t even look young enough to drink.


Now I get why he is so skinny. The kid ordered a freaking salad for lunch.  I’m not the picture of perfect health, but I’d have atleast got the steak or southern fried chicken salad.

Never understood people who ate rabbit food.  I almst always inherently distrust people who don’t eat meat.  Seems highly unnatural.

“Where you originally from, Bodie?”

“Montana, but my plan was to join the FBI after school.  Guess that’s not happening.”

“Eh, the Feds can be jerks, plus now you’d probably end up MCB.  You don’t wanna work for them.”

“Why not?”

“Eat your leafy greens, Bugs Bunny. I’ll take you over to the farm and we will talk about everything once we get there.”

My phone rings. It’s the Bossman.

“Heya Boss. yup, eating lunch now. Be there in about 45 minutes. Seeya soon, Boss.”

 I look at our new rookie and smile. “Bossman was wondering what was taking us so long, but don’t worry. Just keep eating, I’m in no hurry and neither is he. Not really.”

I take a bit of my burger and make noises that aren’t really meant for anyone but my lover to hear, but they make the best damn burgers here.  Bodie looks a little green, though.

“Buck up, buttercup. If this makes you feel green, just wait till we get into the real stuff of Monster Hunters.”


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