Life and Other Obstacles

Life is an amazing thing.  You have a blank canvas that you can literally go about doing with as you please.

My life, right now, is amazing.  I have a job that I’ve been at nearly a year.  I’ve been married for nearly a year.  It’s an amazing journey that has placed me in just about the happiest place I have ever been.

Which is why this post is cal Live and Other Obstacles.  They have prevented me from actually keeping up with this blog.  Some is just me being lazy or not having anything interesting to say, but I want to change that trend.

I work as a Library Clerk now, so the power of the written word is ever present.  I’ve helped people from 2-3 years old up to elderly folks with everything from finding a book, to finding resources they needed online to everything else in between.

When you work with the public, especially at a small country Library like mine, you become well acquainted with people.  You learn the books they like, the ones they dislike, you talk with them and get a sense of their lives. It’s highly rewarding.

working at a Library, though, has it’s downfalls.  The main one is Mental and, what I call, Social Exhaustion.

I have a Social Anxiety Disorder.  It’s well taken care of via medications most times, but, even though I no longer have panic attacks everyday like I once did, they can still happen.  One side effect that does remain is becoming exhausted by dealing with large amounts of people.

It’s rare to get that exhausted, but it happens.  I’m feeling that exhaustion today.

In fact, right now, my brain is having a hard time focusing and I can’t really decide where to go with this.

So, I’m going to go ahead and hop off here and rest and try to recuperate.


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